Bake Back America Contributors

During COVID-19 our family wanted to give back by baking snacks for those who serve and are in need. This inspired others to donate in many different ways, including ordering restaurant meals, making cards and gifts.

Brianna Subin - Founder, Website Design, Baking Coordination, Social Media

Melissa Subin - Co-founder

Melanie Brown - Fulfillment, Sponsorship

Herb Subin - Finance, Lawyer

Benji Subin - Merchandising, Baking, Website Development

Meredith Grossbach - Community Leader 

Malorie Lipstein - Outreach Director

Christine K Schott - Public Relations Manager

CKSManagement & Communications

Jehad S. Badr - Masks

Top of the Line Drapery and Upholstery, LLC


Coach Steve Stone - Director of donation transportation 

Bake Back America could not move forward without Steve's services of dropping off and taking pictures.

Jenna and Jillian Grossbach - Bracelet/card directors

Jenna and Alexa Handel - Bakers

Brian Haftel - Material Provider

Multi-Specialty Pain Management 

Jay and Sari Canell

Neil and Loren Canell 

Christine and George Ledes 

Palm Beach, Florida Community Leaders

Jacob Haftel - Diabetes Blogger

Kimberly Salshutz - Type 1 Diabetic Contributer

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