Collection and Sorting

Collections and Sorting was created as a platform to give children with special needs the fulfilling opportunity to collect necessities for those less fortunate. The effort allows children to create a collection box and work with their Joggers for Juniors leader to collect chosen items that will be sorted distributed to appropriate recipients.

Program Steps

  1. Fill out the volunteer form.

  2. Choose or Joggers for Juniors will choose an organization or child with special needs to empower.

  3. Choose or Joggers for Juniors will choose the shelter or recipient in need.

  4. Joggers for Juniors will recommend necessary items for collecting and sorting.

  5. Use social media and organizations database to inspire community members to donate items.

  6. Collect items.

  7. Sort items.

    • Decorate a collection box.
    • Print out label to place on the box.

  9. Collect the boxes so Joggers for Juniors can get the items to families in need.

Organizations with Children with Special Needs:

Joggers for Juniors Volunteers:

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