Joggers for Juniors: Collection and Sorting

Collections and Sorting was created as a platform to give children with special needs the fulfilling opportunity to collect necessities for those less fortunate. The effort allows children to create a collection box and work with their Joggers for Juniors leader to collect chosen items that will be sorted distributed to appropriate recipients.


1. Fill out the volunteer form.



• Joggers for Juniors supplies all contact information.


Givers: children with special needs making give back item

• Joggers for Juniors or volunteer chooses an organization or child with special needs to empower.

• Joggers for Juniors confirms day, time, ages and amount of children.


Recipients: receiving collection items

• Joggers for Juniors or volunteer chooses the recipient from a shelter, hospital, nursing home, to receive the give back.


• Volunteer prepares a one hour session to make the collection boxes with children with special needs.

• Volunteer decides items they will be collecting with child(ren).

• Volunteer gets and decorates boxes with children. See helpful hints.


• Volunteer confirms collection box sites; at the organization, child with special needs' home, or volunteers' home.


Option 1: Community, Organizations' Database

• Use social media and text family and friends in your community to donate chosen items. See helpful hints.

Option 2: You Choose

• Volunteer chooses their avenue of collecting items. For example: through sports teams, after school clubs and activities, religious institutions and more.



• Bake Back America sets up a group text with organization with children with special needs and volunteer.

Givers: children with special needs making give back item

Virtual Session

• Volunteer conducts a one hour session to make a collection box.

• Volunteer sends a zoom link 45 minutes to group text or supplied email to make event.

If there is no response, volunteer calls recipient immediately and if there is no answer, contacts Bake Back America.

• Volunteer offers face time if zoom isn’t working.

• Volunteer writes "done" on group text when session completed.

In-Person Session

• Volunteer must wear a mask and social distance.


Option 1: Recipient picks up all boxes from organization.

Option 2: Volunteer collects boxes.

• Volunteer drop off is non contact.

• Volunteer is supplied with address, day and time for drop off.


• Help Bake Back America inspire others.

• Email photos of yourself and boxes to

Waiver must be signed to take photos of the recipient.


Read the Joggers for Juniors Welcome Letter:

Organizations with Children with Special Needs:




• Decorate a Joggers for Juniors box that can be used to collect items.
• Print out label to place on the box.


• Promote through social media (facebook, instagram) and text friends, family in your community to collect laptops.
• Sample post:

Hi, my name is —- and —- (name of child or organization with special needs) are we are partnering with Bake Back America/Joggers for Juniors to collect —- (your items) for those in need at the —- (shelter). Please pm me for my address to drop off on my front porch in my labeled donation box. Thank you.

Please click on this link for more information:


1. Fill out the recipient form.

2. Bake Back America will contact you to get started.

3. Email photos to so we can post and inspire others.

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