Bread of Life is a faith-based ministry serving the communities north of Boston, with a mission to feed the body and to nurture the soul. We strive to feed the hungry, the homeless, the needy and the isolated; to offer spiritual nurture, support and hospitality; to promote greater peace and justice by addressing broader issues of hunger, poverty, and need; and to conduct our work in a spirit of respect and nonviolence.

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Bake Back America inspired Domino's to donate pizza to feed 160 families to a local church through Bread of Life.

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Did you know Bread of Life serves an average of 480 individuals per week in our evening grab and go meals? That’s we’re so grateful for the help of Bake Back America and Domino's Pizza. They worked together to provide 32 pizzas for last night’s Bread of Life meal. Such a great help! THANK YOU - we ❤️our community.

- Bread of Life, MA

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