Fitness Art & Dance

F.A.D., is a platform that inspires individuals and communities to explore their overall well being through creative avenues such as fitness, dance and drawing. The goal of this program is to spread kindness by connecting with recipients in a positive and healthy way.

Hi. I am Ava and a sophomore in High School. I am passionate about being creative through dance and fitness and my love for drawing.  My mission is to provide an outlet for kids who don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym or dance studio and have the time to learn drawing.  I am striving to help kids find the fun in active classes and creative drawing.  I an excited to combine my passion for giving back with my love for the arts.


DANCE with Ava


When: Mondays

Time: 5pm

all ages welcome

Sign up HERE

Link: Let's Dance

FITNESS with Ava


When: Wednesdays

Time: 5:30 pm

all ages

Sign up HERE

Link: Health and Fitness

DRAWING with Ava

When: Coming in April

Time: TBD

Bring paper and pencils

all ages

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Link: Craft with Me

Explore F.A.D.

Through Ava's step by step videos


Watch and Learn videos


Watch and Learn videos

Our Accomplishments

1 session = 1 hour


13 sessions.

58 children.


3 session.


12 sessions.

35 children.

Children with Special Needs

1 session.