Learn to Achieve

Learn to Achieve is a platform to inspire friends and community members to perform acts of kindness. The goal of this initiative is to bring awareness to the importance of giving back and impact individuals to take action.  Influencing the mindset of communities in a positive manner will lead to social change for kindness.

Ally and Lauren are juniors in high school in Long Island, NY. Ally plays lacrosse, is on Varsity Kickline and enjoys working with animals. Lauren likes dancing, painting, and reading. The girls runs a club that reaches out to senior citizens in assisted living centers. Ally and Lauren are passionate about being involved in their community through clubs, sports, nonprofits and volunteer work.

20 percent of teens in the U.S do not graduate college
“Touching the lives of others to help children live out their dreams is so rewarding to us.” Ally and Lauren
“Tutoring children to gain educational growth has been a great step in helping them achieve success.” Ally and Lauren
Learn to Achieve team has tutored 30 hours of education to children in Westchester and NYC.
“Exploring creativity is an amazing outlet to explore new passions and set new standards of being well rounded.” Ally and Lauren

Valentine’s Day Art with 25 children from Westchester and the Bronx, New York

February 2021

“Collecting coats for families this winter through the community was so incredible seeing so many individuals help the program achieve their goal of helping others.”  Ally and Lauren

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