Family to Family

COVID 19 had a horrific impact on families financially and emotionally. Family to Family is created to assist families during the course of a year with some of the necessities of life. Sponsors can also bring joy to the family by recognizing holidays and other special occasions. The opportunity to connect with a family will impact their lives forever.


Bake Back America is thankful for our sponsors to help bring relief and smiles to families facing hard times.

1. Fill out the volunteer form.


• Bake Back America matches volunteer with a recipient from a shelter, family center, pantry or private family.

• Bake Back America supplies volunteer with contact information, ages, gender, birthday and interest of recipient(s).



• Volunteer reviews all sponsorship guidelines.

Optional: volunteer prepares for a one hour virtual family get together session.



• Volunteer recognizes family member(s) with a special gift. Suggested gift price: $25

• Volunteer recognizes a holiday that the family celebrates with a gift. Suggested gift price: $50

• Volunteer purchases school supplies (pre-school - 12th grade). School list will be sent to you. Suggested gift price: $100

• Volunteer orders one month a meal for delivery to the family. Bake Back America supplies volunteer with a local pizza restaurant. Suggested price: $50
• The suggested amounts are recommended but volunteer can determine final amounts.

• Applicant fulfills a one year commitment.


• Volunteer collects and purchases items.


• Bake Back America sets up a group text with recipient and volunteer.

Virtual Session

• Optional: volunteer conducts a family get together through a virtual session.

• Volunteer sends a zoom link 45 minutes to group text or supplied email to make event.

If there is no response, volunteer calls recipient immediately and if there is no answer, contact Bake Back America.

• Volunteer face times if zoom is not working.

• Volunteer writes "done" on group text once session is completed.


Option 1: Volunteer drop off is non contact.

Option 2: Volunteer mails holiday gifts.

• Bake Back America supplies volunteer with address, day and time for drop off.


• Help Bake Back America inspire others.

• Email photos of yourself and the box to

Waiver must be signed to take photos of the recipient.



Bake Back America welcomes our new families to the Family to Family effort.

1. Fill out the recipient form.

2. Fill out waiver.

3. Bake Back America will contact you to get started.

4. Email photos to so we can post and inspire others.


Bake Back America appreciates any extra donations for our emergency funds for families.

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New York City

Individual families,

Westchester, NY.

1 family match.


Individual families,

Westchester, NY.

1 family match.

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