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Back Back America Programs


Joggers for Juniors- Gigi

Thank you Maggie for your weekly sessions with the GiGi’s at Home program that runs from January-March


Thank you Solomon for 2 great sessions this month with the children from The Boys and Girls Club Ohio teaching them about symbiosis and then doing a crossword and making origami.

Learning States through sports- Letters

Thank you Leo for teaching the kids at Coachman Family Shelter about baseball, Yankees and NY State . The kids enjoyed coloring pics and writing letters to the Yankees.

Learning States through sports- Damar

Thank you Leo for going to the Coachman Family Center and teaching the kids about football safety rules, Bills and Damar’s injury and than learning about Buffalo. The cards for Damar came out beautiful.

Learning States through Sports

Thank you Leo for doing a great session at Coachman Family Center teaching the kids about basketball, Lakers and then the state California. The project of sending colored pics and letters to the team was so fun.

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