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Sports and Fitness

May 12, 2024

Thank you Kay for the amazing tennis lessons each week in April for the kids at the BGC Mt Vernon.

Joggers for Juniors

May 15, 2024

Thank you Brooke for the amazing get ready for spring art class at GiGi’s Playhouse in Long Island.

Empowerment through Art

Thank you Sarah and Sienna inspiring and empowering the kids at the BGC Mt Vernon about community and the importance on how to treat a friend.  The kids loved making the Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.

Empowerment through Art

May 3, 2024

Thank you Sienna and Sarah for an amazing day of learning how snow is formed at the Coachman Family Shelter and decorating snow flakes


April 19, 2024

Thank you Billie for an amazing lesson with the Boys and Girls Club in Durham NC teaching them about building community and the importance of how to treat friends.  They loved making the Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

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